Account resource

Field Explanation
id Account identifier
client_id Client identifier
order_id Order number
product_id Product purchased
product_name Name of the product purchased
date_created Date on which it was bought
domain Hostname of the product if it has one
server_id Server where it is provisioned if applies
payment_module How was the account paid
firstpayment When was the first payment made
total Account initial cost
billingcycle Peridicity of the bills
next_due When will be charged
next_invoice When will the next invoice be available for paying
status Status of the account
extra_details Other information
transfer_usage Data transfer if it applies to the product
transfer_limit Data transfer limit if it applies to the product
api_url Manage url

Account resource list:

Account addon resource

Field Explanation
id Account’s addon identifier
account_id Account identifier
order_id Order identifier when it was bought
addon_id Addon identifier
name Name of the addon
setup_fee Amount for setting it up
recurring_amount Recurring costs
billingcycle How often will it be billed
status Status of the account’s addon
creation_date Date of creation
next_due Next billing date
next_invoice Date when the next invoice will be available

Account addon resource list:

Cancel request resource

Field Explanation
id Cancel request id
date Date when it was requested
reason Reason of why it was requested
account Account id where it was requested

Cancel request resource list:

License resource

Field Explanation
product_id Product this license is validating
license_key License key
date Date issued
status Status of the license

License resource list:


List accounts

Success Code:200
Returned Data:Account resource list
Has Token:Yes

List all the accounts for the client


  • product_id
  • domain
  • server_id
  • status

Account details

Success Code:200
Returned Data:Account resource
Has Token:Yes

Show a single account of the client

List accounts addons

Success Code:200
Returned Data:Account addon resource
Has Token:Yes

Get detailed view of a account


Success Code:200
Returned Data:Account resource
Has Token:Yes

Modifies the product of the account to other of better characteristics.


  • upgrade_to. Product id to which the account will be upgraded

Note: Currently downgrades are treated through our support team. Please contact them if you need to downgrade from a superior product.

Cancel request

Success Code:200
Returned Data:Cancel request resource
Has Token:Yes


  • type. String indicating how the cancel should be treated. Valid values are: - Immediate - End of billing period - Other
  • reason. String explaining the reason why the owner whises to cancel

Obtaining a purchased license key

Success Code:200
Returned Data:License resource
Has Token:Yes